Complete Life Planning Guide for Special Needs Families

The Nation's First & Only

Online Course for Special Needs Planning

Introducing the nation's only comprehensive planning and financial literacy program exclusively for the economic empowerment of caregivers of children with differing abilities.

The 76-lesson course covers four modules:

Help for Caregivers

Financial Factors

Government Benefits

Legal Factors

Family & Support Factors

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Find out what makes the Complete Life Planning Guide for Special Needs Families Online Program so life-changing.


To provide information exclusively for those with differing abilities that will aid in securing self-sufficiency and independence while accomplishing the following:

- Raise financial literacy awareness in the special needs community.

- Address the crucial concern of financial planning for special needs individuals who have outlived their parent or caregiver.

- Define and outline government benefits for the special needs community

- Provide ongoing education tools for parents and guardians who have children with special needs.

Our goal is to start the conversation to bring the special needs community out of the shadows and equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully navigate financial future.

Each family will receive:

- Lifetime access to The Complete Life Planning Guide for Special Needs Families Online Program

- Exclusive access to Special Needs experts through the YANA Nation podcast and its host, Rick Knight

- A copy of The Good Harvest Plan book by Rick Knight

- Live webinars & virtual meet-ups with other families from all walks of life

The program is broken down into four primary modules and seventeen sub-modules, that not only addresses the question, “What would happen to a child with special needs, if something were to happen to the parent,” but also address other crucial special needs family and estate planning.

We have broken the subjects into four major modules:

- Financial Factors

- Government Benefits

- Legal Factors

- Family & Support Factors

These four modules consist of 76 individual lessons that can be modified to accommodate the group or audience, and will be accompanied by four end-of-module summary live webinars. Here are just a few of the lessons covered:

Financial Factors

- Understanding the special needs trust (1st party, 3rd party and pooled trust)
- Understanding and managing the ABLE Account and other college savings plans for a child with disabilities
- Life insurance strategies for parents who have children with special needs
- Guardianship and Conservatorship planning
- Special needs trust funding

Government Benefits

- SSI planning and protection
- Employment for a child with special needs
- Creating your Medicaid Special Needs Plan
- Additional government agencies and programs for children with special needs

Legal Factors

- Choosing a beneficiary
- Creating a Will
- Creating a Power of Attorney
- Creating Comprehensive Letters of Instruction

Family & Support Factors

- Cost of educating a child with special needs
- Understanding the IDEA
- Creating a comprehensive 504 plan
- Creating a comprehensive IEP

The world is a digital landscape and has completely transformed the way we comprehend

Not only does e-learning increase retention rates by 25-60%, compared to only 8-10% during face-to-face training, but the COVID-19 pandemic has created countless unknowns that will affect traditional learning.

With e-learning, participants learn nearly five times more material without increasing time spent in training.

Most importantly, online tutorials can afford special needs caregivers the ability to learn despite limitations in time, transportation, respite care, or education.

An internet connection is all that's needed to open the world.

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