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Servant Financial Group

Servant Financial Group is a specialized financial services firm, that understands the unique needs of the special needs community.

It is our goal to provide the most comprehensive financial solutions to those parents and guardians who have children with special needs and we are the only firm that offers The Good Harvest Legacy Plan.

The Silent Crisis

More than 860,000.00 people over the age of 60 nationwide are caring for someone with intellectual or developmental disabilities in their home.

And many are waiting, sometimes for years, for state-provided Medicaid help for their disabled child, sister or brother, such as placement in a group home, day services, or transportation or employment programs. If they can’t afford to pay for these services on their own, under the federal-state Medicaid system, their relative could end up in an institution.

The CDC has estimated that there between 53 and 56 million people live with a disability. Of that population, 36 million live with a severe disability and will never be able to live on their own.

The sobering truth is, due to advances in medication and technology many children with severe disabilities will outlive their parent or guardian.

That's why we created the Good Harvest Plan

The Good Harvest Legacy Plan is a financial solutions plan exclusively for the special needs community, and is offered exclusively through the Servant Financial Group.

The Good Harvest Legacy Plan addresses the unique financial concerns and challenges the special needs community faces.

While working with a huge network of legal professionals and special needs organizations, we are committed to meeting all of your financial concerns and providing sound financial solutions.

The most chilling question a parent who has a child with special needs is

What would happen to your child with special needs if something were to happen to you as the parent or guardian?

This question keeps parents up all around the world.

I know that parents do not like to address the harsh reality that their child with special needs will outlive them, but with the advances in medication and technology millions of children with special needs will outlive their parents or guardian.

You did everything right, once you received the news that you were expecting a child.  You changed your diet, you never missed a doctor’s appointment, you picked out a boy’s name and a girl’s name, enjoyed your baby shower and imagined how your child would look and what the child would be when they grew up.  The day came and you went to the hospital, endured labor and the delivery room, the pushing and the sweating and the pain.  You heard the melodious cry of the life that you just brought forth.  And then the doctor delivered the news to you, that you had been blessed with a child who has special needs and will never be able to live on their own.

The Servant Financial Group is a very unique financial services firm, committed to providing financial solutions for the special needs community.  Our approach is to become not only your financial representative to guide you through the rigors of choosing the right financial planning strategy for your child with special needs.  We become your partner and your advocate for the specific needs and information that will best help you with your child.

Servant Financial Group will stand with you and let you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE! (Y.A.N.A)

At Servant Financial Group, we understand that your legacy is not just about your bank account, or how many stocks and bonds you have.

Your legacy encompasses your family’s experiences and allows your voice to speak to your family for generations to come

Servant Financial Group provides the following services:

- Special needs trust funding

- Life insurance planning

- Charitable remainder trust

- College planning for children with special needs (ABLE ACT)

- Creating a Letter of Instruction

- How to choose a guardian

- Guardianship/Conservatorship creation

- Assistance with job placement (if applicable)

Countless times I have stalked the aisles of book stores and local libraries looking for publications on financial education yet the trend continues: the personal finance and financial education sections are shrinking, especially in the major booksellers.

It seems as though the drive by "one size fits all" advice by the unlicensed financial talking heads has almost run its course. 

The American consumer has become hungry for financial education that is more personal, their very financial planning needs and their station in life. 

Navigating through the maze of financial planning is already one of the most daunting tasks on the face of the earth, special needs financial planning increases this task by a factor of one thousand.

I was blessed enough to be born with working limbs, and with my mental faculties intact although there are some people that I know that would question that little claim.

Frequently people with differing abilities are defined as individuals with one or more disabilities, but that description was vague at best.

Then, on July 26, 1990, the United States Government took the definition a few steps further when it passed The Americans With Disabilities Act and dutifully defined a disability as follows:

“a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the individual's major life activities, such as caring for one’s self, performing manual tasks such as: walking, seeing, speaking, breathing, learning and working."

I will not tell you that I have not known people with differing abilities; when I was growing up I had a friend named William who had special needs.

But somehow the narrative of special needs children and adults became taboo, parents did not want to talk about their child with differing abilities - or their brother or sister - and I guess my guilty confession is: I didn’t talk about it either.

And Then Came Kayla

I met Kayla in 2014 at a wedding, where she was dutifully serving as one of two Maids of Honor, and I must tell you, she had the most amazing spirit, a smile that shines as brightly as one thousand suns, and a laugh that would make you want to laugh, too.

Kayla, in all of her glory was a human being with differing abilities. I want to write that again: Kayla was a special needs human being! 

Until that meeting, the differing abilities community had been like air to me. I knew it existed, but I took it for granted and after that day I vowed to never do that again, so here we are.

Consumers are faced with a wider and increasingly more complicated array of options for managing their personal finances as well as building a sound retirement portfolio.

Caregivers are struggling and looking for more assistance with planning for special needs children and adults, now more than ever before. 

More than 60 percent of parents with special needs children believe that their children will never be able to live independently or be financially independent.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010, about 56.7 million people or 19% of Americans have a disability (1 in 5) according to a broad definition of the term "disability."

My personal belief is that the differing abilities community has not received the proper attention that it needs when it comes to financial planning.

I cannot promise you this online course will sprout wings and fly, nor will it transform into a rainbow and start dispensing chocolate on demand. 

What I can promise you is, I poured my heart and soul into The Good Harvest Plan and into this online program with the fervent expectation that both will help the special needs community and improve the quality of life for the entire family. This is also why I truly believe that this program is a Family Empowerment Activity to be shared with each and every person who has a hand in loving and supporting the special needs child. 

Now, take my hand and follow me!

Rick Knight