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Helping families answer, "What will happen to my child with special needs when something happens to me?"

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The cost of raising a child, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, will take roughly $240,000 from birth to age 18. For a special needs child, those expenses can quadruple.

Eighty-eight percent of parents who have children with special needs have not set up a trust to preserve eligibility for benefits such as Medicaid and Supplemental Social Income.

Due to the advances in medication and technology many children with special needs will outlive their parents or guardian and there is one question that must be answered: What would happen to a child with special needs if something were to happen to the parent first?

More than 59% of caregivers say there is too little information available about financial assistance (benefits and support provided by government agencies); and 55% say that such information is very difficult to find.

YANA Nation has changed that.

YANA Nation’s goal is to provide information exclusively for those with differing abilities that will aid in securing self-sufficiency and independence. We are bringing the special needs community out of the shadows and equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully navigate their futures using three core pillars:

Complete Life Planning Online Course

The nation's only comprehensive online life planning & financial literacy program exclusively for the empowerment of families with special needs.

YANA Nation Podcast of Experts

A weekly radio show dedicated to elevating, educating, celebrating & advocating for the special needs community by bringing together the country's best minds.

Special Needs Financial Services

Sleep easier having secured a plan for your child, along with financial literacy, self-sufficiency & independence, provided by YANA Nation founder, Rick Knight.

Featuring Autism-Friendly Pale Pink Pages!

YANA Coloring Book

The Amazing Adventures of Mephibosheth and Friends tells the story of a young boy named Mephibosheth who, through conviction, compassion, and common purpose, educates his community on the importance of having safe outdoor play spaces for children with disabilities to go outside and play. Mephibosheth and his friends bring awareness to this issue and raise funds to build a playground for children with disabilities and they win the day!
A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of each book will go toward building safe play spaces for children with disabilities throughout the USA. To further YANA Nation’s goal to bring inclusive playgrounds with adaptive play equipment to the entire country, the coloring book is also being offered as a fundraising tool for any school or organization in need of adaptive equipment in their own community. To learn more about fundraising or bulk discounts, call or text Rick Knight at (404) 309-4925.

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9 in every 10 Americans say communities should offer all-inclusive play options at playgrounds across the country.

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Nearly one-fifth of all Americans—more than 54 million men, women and children— have a disability, according to the National Organization on Disability


1 in every 5 Americans cope with special needs


Impacting the World by

Providing the Solution

A YANA Nation is working to improve national statistics by helping parents & caregivers advocate for themselves & their children with special needs.

0 %

of parents do not have a trust set up for their child to preserve eligibility for Medicaid & Social Security

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of families report being very concerned about being able to care for their dependents with special needs

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84% have not written a Letter of Intent outlining their wishes for the future care of their child with special needs


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Driven by a passion for preserving legacies and celebrating those with special needs, the YANA Nation team always welcomes connecting with families and experts dedicated to serving others. 

Rick Knight

Founder & Chief Servant Officer

Creator and host of the YANA Nation podcast, Rick Knight has dedicated his financial services firm, Servant Financial Group, to providing planning solutions to the special needs community.

Anneke Godlewski

Chief Information Officer

Teaching organizations to give back as a form of marketing makes Anneke Godlewski, owner of Market Ink, a natural in building relationships, online courses, and YANA Nation.



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